hello everyone. i've decided to abandon my blog since my junior year of college is starting. i've wasted too much time on tumblr these past few years. it's taking a toll on my grades. i'm not a kid anymore. i'm in college. it's time to start acting like an adult. as most of you know, i wasn't even watching season 4 of teen wolf so like what's the point of staying on this blog to talk about a show i don't care about anymore lol. anyways, i will be back ONLY if something important happens. what i mean by important: i'm going to howlercon in november so i'll be back to post my photo ops and stuff. i'm never fully coming back though. i'll still have theleftoversdaily and my 2 twitter accounts. they don't take up too much time so i'll be ok with keeping them while i'm in school. tumblr is cool and all but it's finally my time to leave *dramatic music starts playing in the background* i love you guys. thanks for everything xoxo diane aka maxcarvers